Wednesday 20 January 2010

Why The Red Cross Should Give Copies Of Twilight To Warring Nations. (And Yes, I Am Serious.)

So, every school day, three brothers come over to my house to be minded by my mam for around two hours. Today, I was watching Twilight on Sky Movies and the youngest boy, David, whom I always call Davy, came in and sat down. And he started watching it with me.

Now, this boy is nine. And he asked loads of questions, such as: 'What can Edward do?' 'That guy driving... (Carlisle) does he have a girlfriend like Edward?' 'How does James track people?' 'What does Alice do?' What does that guy (Jasper) do?' 'Can vampires fly?'

It warmed my heart. It seems there is hope for society after all. Twilight should be used to stop wars.




Nattie said...

awww, sweet C:.
i still think they should use harry potter though.
there are too many people who actually detest twilight and would probably want to start a war if this was the case.
maybe they should just experiment with all of the movies in the world to make it fair xD.

EleanorLight said...

I know! They should just use Pixar! Any of their movies would work!