Sunday 17 January 2010

McDonalds: I Ain't Loving It.

I've been experimenting with different templates and backrounds. Sorry if it looked... not so nice.

I'm going to tell you about an injustice that happened to me when I was five years old.

I was in the local McDonalds in Tralee, Kerry with my dad and my aunt. The place was completely packed, so I decided to try to find a table and walked around for ages until I spotted one. I was delighted with myself, but I remembered I needed napkins and scooted off to get them. When I came back... there was a family there, at my table.

Me: Sorry, I think this is my table?

Dad: No, we got here first, kid.

Me: No, I was here first. I only went to get some napkins! (panicking)

Mother and little boys look on and stare daggers at me.

Dad: Look. We got this table first, little girl. You'll have to find another one, and stop bothering us.

I walk away, trying not to cry, and being hopping mad.

That has scarred me. Hey, I was five!

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Minnie Miracle said...

I really get this. I would have been scarred too. When you're little, little incidents seem a much bigger deal. I'm not even little anymore, and it would still seem a big deal. I just know now to avoid such encounters by letting the people have the stinkin' table. =)

Oh! I was writing this and looked over and saw you added me to your blog list! Aww! Thanks!