Thursday 7 January 2010

Inspiro-Girls - Lisa Clark and Lola Love

Before I start, I decided today that I was going to try to make my next post sound more Irish, to make it more 'exotic' for all the Americanoes listening. Well, here goes... 'clears throat'

Well bejaysus begorrah! What I'll say here is, now I tell ya, is very late for yis to be reading now! But, as me mammy used to say to me, there's no time like the present! This is a lass who inspires meself and loads of girls out there with her Pink Thinkin' and her books, which are bloody brilliant! Her name is Lisa Clark.

This young miss used to be an agony aunt at Mizz magazine before she sat down and wrote Think Pink, a 'go-to-it guide for girls!'. It teached lasses all over about how to treat yerself like goddesses and to love yer body, and introduced 'em to Lola Love, the girl on the cover, who talked ye through Think Pink and helps yis on your way.

Lisa has written other Lola books: Beauty*Licious, about looking after yerself, It's A Girl Thing, about puberty, and Viva La Diva, about treating yerself with respect. Lola Love also has a fiction series: Livin' La Vida Lola, Lola Love and The Rainbow Hearts, Cupcakes and Glitter Shakes, Time To Shine, and Lil' Miss Bliss. Recently she became the pretty face of a T-Shirt aswell, bejaysus!

And that's why I love Lola Love and Lisa Clark, to be sure.
Wow. I'm reading through it now, with the voice of my grandfather in my head. I can promise you I probably won't type like that again, unless it slips out...



P.S. Lisa's ultra-cool and pink website is Pink World! Log on! It's fabulous! And pink!


Anonymous said...

I soo agree! x

Anonymous said...

sounds a little too girly for me... but it still sounds good, plus i love the shirt ^-^ the "accent" made me laugh!
you're awesome! Death Cab For Cutie! Yay!

EleanorLight said...

Thanks! It just shows that all the TV I watch that's from USA and UK hasn't really changed me in anyway...dawg.