Sunday 10 January 2010

The Girl Who Never Grew Up... And Danny Wallace

Apparently, I have reached my goal of eight followers. Hi Indigo! I hope you enjoy yourself here!
You know what, feck this! I'm not going to set anymore following goals or anything like that. If people are interested in Musings, then good for them. They have excellent taste.

So I'm reading a book called Friends Like These by Danny Wallace, who is a hilarious writer. I've already read Yes Man, which was turned into the Jim Carrey film with the pretty Zooey Deschanel. Personally, I prefer the book. Note: I've only seen twenty minutes of the film, so don't take my word for it.

So in Friends Like These, Danny is turning into a grown-up, almost thirty. He's recently married and has moved into a nice area of town, swapping pints down the pub for lattes and brunch. He's buying the sausage of the week (lamb, mint and apricot sausage, in case you were wondering) and is eating out in Latvian restaurants. But Danny feels there's something missing. Until he stumbles upon a black address book, filled with the names and addresses of his twelve best mates when he was a kid. And so, because that's the sort of thing Danny Wallace does, he tracks them all down to ask them 'Do you want to go out and play?' He travels all over the world to find his friends, and then he writes a book about his adventures. Which is lying on the bed beside me now as I type this.

I can identify with Danny easily. I know I'm not thirty yet, but I miss being a kid! I know I might be still a kid, but... you know, in my school, everybody's focusing all their energy on growing up way, way too fast. I just want to slow down. There's so much I haven't done.

Can I tell you something? The past week. That has been the very first time I've seen snow in all my fourteen years. My parents say it hasn't snowed since the 60's!

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